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Sunday, August 7th, 2005
4:02 pm
Opinions welcome
I'm a gay christian, and I'm just wondering what everyone on this group thinks about homosexual marraige. I just want to get everyone's opinion on here.

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Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
2:33 pm
Thoughts on the Bible....
Do the gay Christians here a)believe the Bible condemns homosexuality but just don't care; b)believe the Bible does not condemn homosexuality and people use poor translations and out-of-context quotes to condemn homosexuals; c)believe the Bible may condemn homosexuality, but do not believe that condemnation applies today or do not believe those condemnations should matter to a modern Christian?
Friday, July 15th, 2005
2:31 am
check it out!
check out this site. http://glow.cc/isa/become_gay.htm

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Monday, July 4th, 2005
3:31 am

Cause of Homosexuality
What do you think is the biggest cause of homosexuality

Chemical Imbalance/decided before being born

Bad relationship with your father

Peer pressure/bullying

Being greatly influenced by the opposite sex while growing up


View Results

3:18 am
Alright...We've got members..I posted one subject. Now it's time for this community to get off it's feet. Lets make it fly. Somebody make a witness. Or post an opinion...story anything...I don't wanna be the only one poting things...and believe me...once things start gettin' posted then more people will come "You build it and they will come" or something like that..ready..set...GO

Let's show these people that we can be GBLT and still be loved by God!

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Monday, June 20th, 2005
11:17 am
ok now..lets get it started
Alright I see that the members are growing slowly but surely...not lets give you a subject...rhode island..not a road nor an island..discuss...j/k...but i do have an interesting post to start things off..i suppose...what are the feelings on Gay pride... personally i think it's kinda ridiculas because straight ppl don't have straight pride..i don't see why we should be any different. I mean... I don't need a name to be accepting to who I am. I personally don't take pride in my bisexuality though..I do feel comfortable with myself however. So discuss...I'm getting furclepped (hell i don't know how to spell that!)

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Friday, June 17th, 2005
2:25 pm
K I'll be first
So this iss obviously new...and I don't really care what direction it goes. I just want it to be a place where people can discuss their issues or even post on experiences...meet new friends..w/e...don't care. I'll regulate so that it is a comforting place. Any insulting of sexual orientation..or anything offending for that matter will result in losing membership. Play nice...post pics...have fun...peace love...o p.s.....I'm bisexual.

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