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K I'll be first

So this iss obviously new...and I don't really care what direction it goes. I just want it to be a place where people can discuss their issues or even post on new friends..w/e...don't care. I'll regulate so that it is a comforting place. Any insulting of sexual orientation..or anything offending for that matter will result in losing membership. Play pics...have fun...peace love...o p.s.....I'm bisexual.
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Hey, I like the atmosphere already. It's gonna be a happy place.

I'm bisexual too, but I didn't fully realize it until after I was married in '97. But really, I then remembered there was a lot of evidence I was ignoring or explaining away from my younger years.

In fact, I was quite the homophobe, which may have been fueled by a subconscious self-hatred over the mix of hetero and homosexual desires I had at times.

I've never actually had relations with a guy, but have a happy hetero, monogamous marriage, and my wife knows and is supportive. I don't have a need for both, but I know I'm wired for either.

I could speculate on the reasons, but the main one that comes to mind is that before, where I used the Bible to preach against the 'gay lifestyle', now I use the same Bible to show the love of God for everyone regardless of who they love.

I attend a wonderful charismatic church in the DC Metro area where the Pastor is gay and his partner leads praise and worship, and most of the congregation is either gay or lesbian. It's not a 'gay' church per se, but one that is fully accepting.

God bless you, and may God bless this community and make it grow as He so wonderfully has blessed ours.

First step, get some more interests posted so that people can find this with their searches.

Cheers! :)
Hey, I'm gay. but I act like I'm straight. :P

Ill tell my story later.. right now, I feel sick and need to get to bed.
Bisexuals unight!!!!!
me bysexxy too!!
p.s. yes I know that sound like a sixyear old wrote it but im slep deprived